The circle around the dь Logo represents the world alignment with bobobali in the center




Bobobali’s founder Sabrina has been on a research journey for the last 10 years- living in 10 different countries and becoming fluent in 7 languages. She has been around the world twice and discovered the ancient alignment while travelling and felt a very strong energy in those places that made it her mission to bring this energy back to the people. Bobobali is not only a fashion brand but a cultural mission to make people feel more connected and to take the risk to explore themselves.


Bobobali created a lifestyle-based fashion brand having the adventurous, untamed and ambitious person in mind. They need to wear something that expresses their fierce personality and show the world who they are and what they are capable of. They want to wear it for the whole world to be seen and to express their personality through bold outfits , vivid patterns and hats.


When Sabrina created Bobobali she had the active person in mind, just like her. Someone that wants to live life to the fullest without needing to waste time on styling. She wanted to create items that make you always look good without too much effort. She created a comfortable boot in order to run errands all day long. A kimono that prevents her from smelling bad when she sweats and a hat that always makes her look good even though she has a bad hair day. Bobobali gives you the possibility to do 20 k steps a day, to be hyperactive, run errands and be stylish andwell dressed to any occasion. An elegant look for the office or a stylish one for a date on your night out.



Bobobali wants to empower people living in a busy lifestyle to level themselves up with unique and fearless look at an affordable cost.


On top of that the founder Sabrina kihm is a former professional tennis player that first started with a 3 d printed high comfort boots wearable in multiple ways that is also sustainable thanks to exchangeable accessories. Additional matching hats and kimono allow a full ethnical inspired Boheme bourgeoise look- voila bobobali ready.


Especially In times of Corona we need more from a fashion brand than to just make us feel beautiful about ourselves. We are looking for a deeper connection with our surrounding and the brands that we put on our skin.


And what could be deeper than an ancient alignment that exists for a couple of thousand years and no one talks about it yet.










Let’s have a detailed look on the three products: BOOTS, KIMONOS, HATS





Bobobali has created the most comfortable, versatile and technologically advanced boot you will ever wear. And of course every thing is hand made !


They call it the 10-in-1, all season boots. The boots keep you warm in the winter and let your feet breathe in the summer. They are your sandals by the beach, your moon boots on top of the mountain, and your high heels at night.


In One single pair of boots you have 10 different boots thanks to a unique removable belt system and all belts match the kimonos and hats.


Bobobali combines colours and high quality materials to make wearable works of art. Each belt is packed with features unlike anything else on the market today, from fluffy feathers to masculine leather stripes all representing the places on the ancient alignment. You literally wear the colours of the world on you.


Creating the perfect boots, Bobobali tested over 50 women with all types of feet . Bobobali specially constructed a mold to reduce common pressure points. The leather lining molds to your foot and feels like an extension of you. Bobobali boots are comfortable from the first wear. You don't  have to wear them in.


It all started from the feet but then went on to create a whole look :





Bobobali Kimonos are handmade with love and 100 % Egyptian cotton. It is a unique cotton that prevents you from sweating and from smelling bad.

The Kimonos have a colourful lace around the neck that you can match to your bobobali hats.


Since the boots were such a success BoboBali created a matching kimono and hat to create a whole look.


The empowering design goes through the whole line, literally from hat to toe.




When you are an active person you tend to have more bad hair days than others. Sometimes you run out of time and we all know how long it takes to get your hair done. Bobobali thought exactly about that. No time but I still wanna dress to impress and have hair that impress. Well the solution is a super stylish, light weight hat that you can wear for hours, not feeling warm or exhausted in your neck thanks to the light weight. If you get tired of your hair you can use the same Bobobali accessories that match to your shoes and kimono and customise your hat and spice it up in case you get tired of it. You can change and adjust your hat accessories to your mood.








The ancient sites build a circle around the world: the circle is what inspired the Bobobali logo as a circle.


The following places are part of the ancient alignment


Giza, Siwa, Tassili n’Ajjer, Paratoari, Ollantaytambo, Machupicchu, Nazca, Easter Island, Aneityum Island, Preah Vihear, Sukhothai, Pyay, Khajuraho, Mohenjo Daro, Persepolis, Ur, Petra


The places are shown clockwise from Giza on the equal azimuthal projection.


A fashion brand inspired by an ancient alignment.


All those places have one fashion style in common- indigenous and that’s exactly what each of Bobobali’s item was inspired by. For example the inka and their way to communicate :






Bobobali peri belt inspired by traditional Peruvian clothing


In addition to their online portal, Bobobali recently launched some pop up collaborations in london, Paris, Milan and Dusseldorf.






Rolled up version                            



Same boots- rolled down version



Easy exchangeable accessories to create a sustainable touch animating to the mood and to be customisable


In a world of increased fast fashion, bobobali concentrate on slowing down, making long lasting fashion with high quality leather and Egyptian cotton that can be adorned as one pleases, just with one high quality boot, kimono and hat !












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