Bobobali Mission



My journey started at an early age. I knew that I wanted to discover the world. I wanted to live wholeheartedly and travel as if there was no tomorrow. I was born and raised in Germany, and after graduating from high school, I left my hometown to study abroad. I have been living abroad ever since.


I received a full scholarship in the U.S. thanks to playing tennis. Then, I did exchanges in Bologna, Madrid, and Paris. I continued living abroad and worked in Istanbul, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, and Rio de Janeiro.


I was fascinated by the international lifestyle and immersed myself in different cultures. I was fortunate to meet incredible people who made this journey so amazing. I decided to give back and became a life coach to inspire others to overcome obstacles and break free. All my experiences with people, different cultures, and unique designs led me to build a brand that inspires women to be strong, confident, and visible. Bobobali is a vibrant brand that expresses happiness, strength, and the desire to pursue one's dreams, no matter how crazy they may seem.


We created a shoe and hat inspired by a 25,000-mile-long circle that passes through significant ancient sights around the globe. It goes through Machu Picchu in Latin America, crosses Mali and the mysterious Dogon Land, and goes through Giza and Petra.


The line goes through Asia in Thailand, Sukhothai, and Angkor Wat, and it ends with the most isolated and mysterious place on earth, Easter Island.


What does a fashion brand have to do with those 23 places?


We want you to feel a part of the world's energy alignment with every step you take.


Each place has its own local culture, materials, and fashion, and we will provide you with all those styles inspired by the places of the ancient alignment in one shoe, thanks to our unique removable belt system.


Wherever you go, you can change the accessory according to your mood and personalize your look.


Since this shoe will accompany you on a long journey, we have created over 10 prototypes and tested them on over 50 different women to come up with the most comfortable, versatile, and technologically advanced boot you will ever wear.


But our mission doesn't end there.


We will support those 23 places with a donation for each accessory you purchase.


Later on, the idea is to produce shoe and hat accessories inspired by those 23 mysterious places, made by local women, to fight poverty and bring their unique touch and spirit closer to you.


This brand will be made by women to empower women.


Our intention is not just to do charity. We want to create opportunities for those women, empower them, and teach them how to set up a production and become self-sufficient in the future. Having their own production will make them feel proud and encouraged about themselves and give them the chance to be better mothers to the next generation.