Tulum- how to get into private parties :)



Hello friends, here is your long wanted post about Tulum. Tulum is actually known for a long time among spiritual people as it’s famous cenotes are meant to be loaded with incredible energy. Unfortunately those first hippies are long gone and tulum became known for its parties, beautiful beach, Mexican guacamole.

People are very boheme and mostly dressed in kimonos and hats. That’s why it’s a place for bobobali lovers :)


The cenotes are obviously still there and you have to absolutely go there and take a dive. ( I advice to go early morning and it’s quite a drive, so take it easy the night before )


See it as a spiritual baptism to be part of a new energy awareness. So it’s ok to go early to bed one evening :)


Even though tulum became quite commercial and you will have have many commercial travellers, it is still a very high end destination.


So when you think that the nice parties are open and everybody can go it’s definitely not the case .


The only real open party is day zero festival where people can buy tickets and end up partying in a jungle. Nothing for my taste.


The only nice party during day zero is the mayan warrior beach party where be tulum and habitas joined forces and offer their beach access to an incredible sunset to sunrise rave.


Mayan warrior is one of the nicest burning man camps and the event in tulum is actually part of the fundraising tour, so believe it or not they even bring the massiv art car all the way to the beach which makes it an unforgettable experience.



Besides that there are no good official parties.


Everything amazing in tulum happens privately, at some villas or at the boutique hotels/restaurant be Tulum, habitas, azulik, nomad and Casa malca.


So the advice I can give you is dress to impress . I repeat myself IMPORTANT is you dress to impress and if you haven’t got a good kimono or hat yet, check our online store to get the right outfit for your tulum trip :)


Once you have the right outfit, go for late lunches at those places, meet people and follow the flow and you will end up in some of those private parties that make tulum amazing.


Sometimes you might get lucky and dj s like solomon, Dixon or Bedouin just start playing on a random afternoon in one of these places.


When it comes to food I think you will eat twice a day


So here are brunch and dinner recommendations




be tulum ( shrimp tacos)

Nomad ( great fish )

Real coconut ( smoothies and protein shakes)

Ahau ( amazing vegan raw choices as well)

Taboo ( a bit more Nikki beach style)

Chiringuito ( the sister of the Ibiza one)



Dinner :

Casa Jaguar

Dinner for sunset (5:30pm) at Azulik Hotel

Casa Banana




IMPORTANT: stay by the beach and not in the jungle. The road to get to the beach is very badly done and there is insane traffic at any hour. A great value hack is actually if you don’t stay right on the beach front but towards in land ( still at the beach) just you need to cross the street to get to the beach. There you can find accommodation for like 100 dollar a night...







Thanks for the tips.. I’ll be feeling the flow next time I peruse la playa ..

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