What to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Some of you might have gotten aware about this beautiful little country with endless coasts and turquoise sea because of the yachtweek. Especially the south road of yachtweek that takes you along the stunning islands.



In case you haven’t done the yachtweek and you have Never heard of Croatia, it’s a must visit place on your travel bucket list.


Besides the beautiful islands there is a stunning historical city called Dubrovnik.


Check here to see where to eat around the islands:


You can basically walk on history as there are historical walls in the city that you can walk up and then do a whole circle around. I love that because I love to work out and sightseeing at the same time. Also you will See many game of thrones fans as they filmed parts of the series literally in the city center. You will recognise buildings and especially some very long impressive staircase.


A must go dinner in the old city is at bota sare sushi with a view on a historical building. Click here to read more about the founder of and bowa.


Besides enjoying the beautiful history of the city you should make sure you get fully pampered while staying there with the mix of turkish and Croatian hospitality as no other super famous turkish hotel group like rixos has a stunning 5 star resort located 10 min walk from the city Center with own beach access!!!


If it wasn’t for the history and stunning city Center you basically would not need to leave the rixos dubrovnik as it has everything you need. A variety of delicious restaurants from your privat Tapanaki to perfectly dried aged beef and of course amazing burger and fries for your pool/ beach snack.


If you are a sports/ health addict like me you will be very pleased to see that there is whole floor sized gym with weight machines as well as CrossFit equipment and yoga mats and Pilates rings. If you love to feel like you are in nature while you work out the gym has a perfect view into the open wide which makes it even harder to find an excuse why not to work out :)


For the ones that love to be active by the water you can of course go wild with some jet skis that you can rent during your stay.


After all this adrenaline kick you might wanna come down with a massage. When it comes to the spa of the rixos dubrovnik I really felt this is where you understand that turkish hospitality is just on another level of service culture.


Turkish mind set really knows how to pamper their guests. Besides the massive seize of the spa you feel so cozy and home thanks to the beautiful interior design. When it comes to the treatment you can literally choose from so many different thermal oils that you want to continue to have massages until you tried them all.


The massage therapist really listen to your needs and I had an amazing athlete massage which is usually hard to find as the pressure is never strong enough. The massage I had was amazing and went really deep tissue.


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Once you are on my image you can also check the rixos dubrovnik account and see more for yourself.


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