What does boheme means for me and where the bobo in bobobali comes from!

So over the last 10 years I have lived all over Europe and every summer I jump around most European places and I try to stay up to date. So I thought I would share my experience with you guys of what I personally like the most. As you know my brand is called bobobali and bobo means boheme bourgeoisere, so I mainly look for a Bohemia vibe. To give you an example of places that I really like that you might have been already is Nomad and be Tulum in Tulum Mexico or Scorpios Mykonos. For me this is my favourite style of a place and the places that I recommend you here are all similar to those places. I care very much about the boheme interior which for me is lot of wood and natural materials that basically merge with the natural surrounding and not the other way around. At the same time there is a bit of luxury in the shape of beautiful decor, feeling for detail, nice silverware and heavy cognac glasses while you are at the beach. I guess the idea of boheme is the contrast of feeling everything in this place is so natural and smooth so it could have just fallen from the sky while every detail is actually perfectly planned. Creating a boheme vibe is incredibly challenging while it looks so easy, basically how roger federe plays tennis. He makes it look so smooth and easy but there is so much work behind.

I think I’m quite an easy going person and I can see beauty in everything, nevertheless though I became very picky when it came to places. I guess I’ve been spoiled by my experience to have had the possibility to visit so many places around the world that I have found for myself what I would define boheme bourgeoise and what I would not. I also am quite restless and if I don’t feel inspired I tend to want to move quick and change the place. This is not the case with the places I am going to share with you. Those places are literally the only places that make me wanna stay in one place because the vibe and atmosphere is so perfect that I never want the moment to end.

Of course it is not only about the interior design and architecture. It’s also about the food and mainly about the people. But if you combine the right design with the right food you will attract a certain crowd. Me personally after all I am all about the crowd but because I know a certain design attracts a certain crowd it is all a complex mix of everything, almost a vicious cycle between design food and people as they all depend on each other. Without having the right crowd in mind you can’t design a certain place and without the right design you can’t attract a certain crowd.

Why the Boheme bourgeoise crowd is so magical..

First of many people have come up with different definitions about the boheme bourgeoise crowd, the bobos. There is even a Wikipedia insert about the “bobos”. I would say bobo are people that are nomadic, international, kind of able to work from anywhere, tech affine, extremely open minded and radically free. At the same time they care about the good things in life, they want to enjoy and are pure hedonists.

“I love to enjoy and all my ambitions to succeed are motivated by the lifestyle I’m going to live” this is the main sentence I’ve heard from the bobo crowd.

Some continents are obviously more concentrated with bobo places, so you will find more places in Europe but there are bobo vibes all over the world :)


So many of you guys send me direct messages on my personal instagram @gypsella asking me where to go and what I would recommend. Over the next blog posts I’m going to share with you guys where the boheme crowd hangs out in Italy, Spain, France, Greece and many more places.


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