Why did I start Bobobali?


My journey started from early age. I knew that I wanted to discover the world. I wanted to live full hearted and I wanted to travel as there was no tomorrow. I was born and raised in Germany and after my high school graduation I left my hometown to study abroad and I have since then lived abroad.


I got a full scholarship in the U.S thanks to playing tennis. Then I did exchanges in Bologna, Madrid and Paris. Then I went to continue living abroad working in istanbul, Luxembourg, Hong Kong and Rio de Janeiro


I was fascinated by an international lifestyle and do deep dive in any culture. I was so fortunate because I met incredible people that made this journey so incredible. I decided to give back and so I became a life-coach to inspire other people to overcome obstacles and break free. All my experiences with people, different cultures and different design led me to build a brand that should inspire women to be strong and confident and to be seen. Bobobali is a very colourful brand that expresses happiness and strength and the desire to follow your dreams. No matter how crazy they are!










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